Sunstone Farm is a project aimed at reconnecting with the Earth and uncovering new ways of living by looking to the past. We are growing skills in gardening, animal husbandry, food preservation, composting, bee keeping, traditional soap making, herbal medicine and fiber arts. We offer our produce at local farmers markets as well as through our CSA as well as host community events.

Sunstone Farm is run by Hannah Robinson and Jordan Estabrooks who are revitalizing their families property and building an

We use time tested techniques such as cover cropping, composting, and companion planting that work first to build the soil and work cohesively to maintain a healthy base for plants to thrive. We do not use any synthetic pesticides or methods that would harm pollenators.

We aim the be as efficient and self sustaining as possible such as using byproduct materials like manure and compost in our garden and by using drip line irrigation or no irrigation as opposed to over head watering systems. This greatly reduces waste and allows for effiecient and respectful use of our resources.





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