Primitive Skills Workshop

A part of our goal is to share our knowlege and experience with local community members. We host Sunstone Herbalism Group every other Tuesday 5pm-7. Here we meet at the farm and take a walk around the property identifying medicinal wild plants then use our harvest to create things like teas, balms, soap, and tinctures. We also explore themes of plant based dyes, wreaths, weaving, canning, etc. Our goal is to return knowege of use of plants to people in our community and reintroduce primitive skills to people’s everyday lifestyle. There is no entry fee


Upcoming Dates:


Signs of Spring Workshop: Identifying Plants First to Emerge

Summer Healing: Jewel weed, Raspberry Leaf, Violet, Yarrow, Plantain

Dandelion: Appreciation!

Elderberry: Syrup for Colds


Winter Pine Workshop: Salve & Tea

Late Winter Syrup: Shag Bark Hickory + Maple