Farm Share



  • Your membership fee decreases the amount of money we need to pay for amendments, seeds, labor and project materials to prepare us for the upcoming season’s bounty.
  • Your support encourages us to continue sustainable land stewardship. Our sustainable and organic practices include crop rotation and cover crops to assure healthy produce, soil tilth and productivity.
  • Your trust cultivates a valuable relationship between us, the consumer and the producer. Get to know your farmer!

A Little About Our Shares

Full Share

20 weeks $475

Local pickup every week June-October


Half Share

10 weeks $250

Local Pickup every other week June-October

Each week you will recieve a box of 5-10 items our latest garden produce as well as a half dozen eggs, handmade soap, and flowers! Understand that this is SEASONAL- we may not have everything you want some weeks and this is entirely up to weather and climate! Some of our favorite vegetables are our butternut squash (late summer-fall), Heirloom Tomatoes (mid to late summer), and colorful Radishes (all season).

Our goal is to make local, farm fresh food accessible to everyone. Contact us if you would like to do a longer term payment plan, donate a share to someone in need, or pay via SNAP or EBT.

Steps to becoming a Sunstone Farm Share Member

  1. Email with any questions or join us for our to come meet us and learn about how we grow your food.

  2. Make your first payment! pay online through our Sunstone Store

  3. Start recieving your farm products! Beginning the first week of May, Share pickups will be on farm on Fridays