Our Garden

We are entering into our 3rd growing season this year (2018). It has been a journey turning an overgrown field into a workable and managable farm. It has meant a ton of research as well as trail and error. Here are some notes on our plans and past work.

Building the soil in this area has meant countless trips to the dump for compost, turning in covercrop, and composting pretty much every organic biproduct on our farm. It has been so amazing to see the quality of the soil totally change as well as an increase in earthworms, snakes, and beneficial insects. Our goal is to create a garden that contributes to the health of local critters and contributes to an coexists with the local ecosystem.

This year we are looking forward to adding a drip line irrigation system! We will pump water from our pond which is full of nutrients from all of the critters waste that live in the pond and wetlands and will help our plants to flourish. The drip line is a similar concept to a soaker hose. It lays against the ground against the base of the plants and can be covered in mulch which means much less evaporation than an overhead watering system and more focused watering. This means much more water efficiency!

In 2018 we will be running on 100% solar energy! We are so excited to be apart of a renewable energy system.

Over the winter we have been working to clear space. Some trees in our field have come down and we will be cover cropping sections of new field for late 2018 and 2019 garden space for new varieties of winter squash, flowers, and higher production of all the veggies we already grow.

We’ve added a pair of pigs to our herd. They are a hertiage breed called American Guinea Hogs which we will breed, use for meat, and they are great foragers so their job will be to root around their field and turn the ground for future garden space.