We believe that local food should be an essential part of everyones diet and not be made to be a luxury. From an environmental, dietary, and agricultural standpoint, supporting a small farm is one of the best investments you can make whether you’re interested in preserving small businesses in your town, eating healthier, learning to cook with unique, quality produce, or want to learn more about agriculture first hand.

When we first started our farm in 2016 we were long time vegetarians and thought we wouldn’t ever raise animals for meat because we didn’t believe that meat was an efficient use of plant protien, water, and had negative impact on the atmosphere with the production of methane (Meat and Dairy farming makes up about 50% of all atmospheric pollution). But after experiencing farm life for a year we noticed the impact and role that animals play on a farm.

Our dairy goats clear brush from old fields, our chickens and ducks eat reduce the number of ticks and pesky bugs on the property, Pigs act like rototillers and turn up the soil to get ready for planting, and all of them produce manure which we add to our compost which is aged and breaks down and gets added to the gardens. Our animals replace a lot of work that would otherwise be done by machines. Not to mention we’ve learned certain truths about how animal management has a huge impact on their environmental footprint like how cows produce less methane when grass fed because cows are not meant to digest corn and so they are gassier when on a corn fed diet and produce more methane. We believe that diversity in farm animals and field rotation creates a well rounded and healthy farm.

Sunstone Farm strives to be locally sustained by purchasing supplies from other small businesses,  efficient usage of water with our drip line irrigation system, and to be good stewards by using rotational grazing and soil building. We are always looking to be more innovative and efficient to work with the Earth rather than against it by using permaculture techniques like companion planting, composting and encouraging the presense of beneficial insects. All while producing delicious, healthy food for you and your family!